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Casual Photography - Marwell Zoo Visit

March 13, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Camera : Pentax K3ii   Lenses : Sigma 150-500mm & Pentax 50-135

Having just purchased the Sigma 150-500mm I was dying to use it, I've never really been into long lens photography i.e Birds, Planes and Sport. This year as I've decided to expand my photographic horizons so took the first step by buying this lens. I'm lucky enough to live only about 30 minutes drive from Marwell Zoo and thought this would make a great place to test my lens.

Unfortunately due to other commitments etc I didn't arrive at the Zoo till about 2 O'clock, the light was OK, no sunshine but fairly bright. 

Penguin Enclosure

This was the first main attraction I came too.

The grassy areas weren't particularly photogenic so I preferred when they were in the water. 

Across the road from the penguins is a large field with several different animals and birds, unfortunately I can't remember what they are called!

Next are the Flamingos!

Giraffe Enclosure

This was my favourite enclosure, the Giraffe's are great. They all seem to have their own personalities, the facial expressions they pull, sometimes I think they are posing for the camera! On a technical note, when the Giraffe's were in their feeding enclosure it was way too dark to use my Sigma lens so I took a couple and some with the Pentax.

Carrying on....

Next were the Big Cats, I did take some photos but by this time the light wasn't so bright and so my ISO reached 6400 which I think is too high, even using Noise Reduction in post processing.

My day ended at the MEERKAT enclosure, this is less than half way round the Zoo.

I will definitely come back, need whole day and some sunshine would be great. Recommended for photographers!


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