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Hi All!

My names Derren Hodson and I am an amateur photographer from Hampshire in the United Kingdom. My photography passion is Street Photography but I also like Travel, Event, Architectural and now I'm starting to get into Portrait and Editorial work. 

I started taking photography seriously about 6 years ago, one of the Tech You Tube Channels I follow, started having monthly photography competitions. I started entering, at the time I had a Nikon D5000 then moved to a D5100. After a few months I won that Month then regularly started to come in the Top 3, I was hooked and made it my main hobby.

The next major step was a holiday to Barcelona, I was there to take photos of all the Gaudi Architecture (which I did) but what really interested me were the locals. This is where my passion for Street Photography started, as soon as I got back I moved into lighter Mirrorless Cameras and for the next 3 years did nothing but Street Photography. I did enter a couple of Competitions and my photograph 'London Cafe Life' was voted in the Top 50 Street Photos of 2013 and my Photo 'Two Birds' was a WEX Photographic winner.

After 3 years of intense Street Photography, I wanted to start to broaden my photographic horizons. I started to take my camera gear on holiday to get better photographs not just holiday snaps. I started going to a couple of events at places like the NEC and Excel. One of the shows I went to was 'The Photography Show' in 2015. This was my first time visiting but want caught my interest more was the Comic Con convention, it was held at the same time and all these Cosplayers were walking around, they looked great and loved having their photos taken, lets say I have been to Birmingham and London every year since!

I have been published in the 'Nursing Times' and hope to start getting published more.

My Blog will be about my future photographic experiences so please check back every so often or contact me and I will answer any questions you have.

At present I am using the Pentax K3ii for Event Photography and the new Pentax KP for Street and Travel Photography.


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