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Street Photography - Camden Town

February 28, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Camera Used : Pentax KP

Lenses Used  : Pentax 20-40mm, 35mm Macro & 70mm Limited Lenses


To be true to myself, I am a 'Fair Weather Photographer' the Sun and Warmth seemed to inspire me in a creative way that a dull day never does. Saturday came and it was a dull uninspiring grey day, I'd prebooked my train ticket so I was determined to go, I wanted to at least test out my new camera before 'The photography Show' in Birmingham, which is on in a few weeks.

The train journey was OK and got to Victoria on time, from there I got the underground to Camden Town. It was about 11ish when I got there and just started to drizzle. Luckily both my new Pentax KP and the 20-40mm limited lens are weatherproof, so from the station I walk towards the famous market in the old horse stables.

Now I've been to Camden a number of times and have taken quite a few photos here, I will put a few oldies at the bottom of the post as it wasn't the most successful day!

Walking from the station to the market there are shops on one side and stalls on the other, being a very colourful area there are usually colourful characters to photograph. As you can see from the background, it does start to get very busy especially at weekends. The good thing is, that your see plenty of people with cameras so you do not stand out being a Street Photographer.

The main Stable Market is right next to the canal and used to be horse stables and hospital for the working horses of London. It now has been converted to a Indoor/Outdoor market with food / clothes / leather goods / records / etc and all being 'very trendy'.

A few 'Wares' shots:

Food is an important part of the market and there are stalls selling food from every part of the world.

.....and here are a few more photos, candid and posed.

As I said previously, no Iconic Camden Town photos, so here's a few I took at other occasions:-

Camden Town is a great place for easy Street Photography, there is so much there and poking your camera around is the norm, so nobody mines. It is nicer in the summer and warmer!

One last photo from the walk back to the station, taken near Victoria, I call it 42.


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